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(New) Kind of a Swag

in: Attendee Experience


It’s time for a Swag Update meeting planners. Now swag this – rather than fill up a bag of with stuff, much of which could end up in a land fill, there is a way to provide awesome swag that does not require your attendees to haul around extra weight nor take up space in their luggage. It’s time for swag to go digital.

Music: If your event includes musical talent, consider allowing all to take the music experience with them in the form of free downloads.

Apps: If any of your participants have an app for that, ask them to consider offering that app for free or for a discount to the attendees.

Access: Stay on the radar of your audience by offering discounted or free access to online webinars or exclusive podcasts.

Coupon Codes: Ask participants to extend a coupon for a service or product showcased at the conference. Also, reach out to area businesses, they may wish to participate as well, especially if your attendees will have some free time or meals on their own.

Media: Include links to exclusive videos or information for attendees’ eyes only.

Contests: Allow sponsors and participants to conduct a contest as chance to win bigger swag.

There is a lot of value in this type of “bag.”

  • To claim the swag, attendees can be driven to the sponsors and participants web sites or to their brick and mortar locations.
  • Even though it’s digital, it’s still personal. The bag is created by you, reflects your event theme and venue and different swag can be scheduled to be delivered throughout the conference in a timely manner.
  • The data is trackable, can be used as a lead generation tool, and provide analytics about your audience for use by your organization, sponsors and participants.
  • Eco-friendly! No more waste!
  • AND no more stuffing swag bags by you and your team (I hear your sighs of relief).

Digital swag bags can cut waste, cost and time. Digital swag bags provide you with meaningful and analytical data for your organization, your sponsors and your participants. Sounds like it’s just what the meeting planner ordered!




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