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New Year New Plan

in: Event Planning Advice

new plan

It’s a New Year! A time when we take stock of the year before and head into a innovative fresh outlook on how we do what we do and how to do so in a better way. I came upon this thought from Successful Meetings and it really got me thinking. The suggestion is that for 2017 to not only focus on the professional side of your meetings, but also on the personal. Now this I like! It is an overarching thought that can come into play for all your meeting planning activities for the coming year. Here are some ideas for how to personalize your meetings.

Choices: People like choices, but be careful not to give too many. Think about offering a few different types of swag that people can choose from; a water bottle, a notebook or a t-shirt, for example. If you are offering a fun activity, let them choose from golf, a massage or a shopping trip.

Create a Personal Plan: Consider creating a few different plans for people based on their conference goals. If they are there to make new contacts, provide them with a list of networking opportunities and perhaps even create a special event just for this group. Perhaps they are there to gain new knowledge; provide this group with a thorough list of workshops and speakers and the expected takeaways for each.

@TwitterHandle: If you know their Twitter handle you can follow their account and also personally mention them in posts. Ask for this information to be included on registration documents, or even consider including their handle on their nametag.

iBeacon: Put some attention on Apple’s iBeacon, which is quickly being adopted by the event planning realm. It’s a way to better connect attendees with information about anything that may typically be included in print, it can also include maps of event venues, tailor content, promote interactivity and participation. For more information check out this blog.

Gather Info: In order to continue this trend, be sure to ask survey questions that ask why they attend your event both personally and professionally. Ask how the experience can be better catered to them. Ask what they have experienced at other events that they wish for you to incorporate.

Nowadays, people expect you to cater to them. They are busy, they lack focus and have no attention span, and anything we can do to “speak” directly to them will only add to the experience of your event!

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