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New Year’s Resolutions Revision

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unnamedBy now you have more than likely made your New Year’s Resolutions. How do you feel about them? Already wanting to do a revision? Each year, we resolve to lose 10 pounds, begin an exercise regime, eat more leafy greens or finally learn how to juggle, but many such resolutions continue to go unresolved. And this then makes us feel as if we failed. I say, no more!  Revise your resolutions now before it’s too late. Here are some ideas for you, and believe me, you can do these and say “Success” on December 31, 2014!

  1. I resolve to eat at least one cookie of my choice each week (or maybe even once a day). And I will do so without guilt.
  2. I resolve to indulge in a favorite television program and not answer the phone during that time.
  3. I resolve to avoid the negative comments on social media and silently send the commenter a happy thought.
  4. I resolve to hug my children and grandchildren more, and never be the first to let go.
  5. I resolve to always suggest we order and share a dessert at dinner.
  6. I resolve to master one funny joke and tell it in times of uncomfortable silence.
  7. I resolve to download one new CD each month, and maybe even try out some new music I have yet to embrace.
  8. I resolve to learn some new fun words and sprinkle them in conversations – here are a few ideas for you – gewgaw, codswallop, flummox, or wabbit.
  9. I resolve to celebrate the little things, for example, when I finish writing this blog, I am going to get up from my chair, victoriously raise my arms into the air and say, “I’m awesome!”
  10. And then, I resolve to come up with a top ten list of why I am awesome!

Happy New Year to my awesome friends, family, hotel folks, meeting planners, vendors and more!

* Thanks for Gellert for the image!

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