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Next Level A/V

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Get ready to wow your audiences with all the new A/V goodies hitting the scene in 2019. A bit of light can go a long way! And don’t forget to add in a dose of hologram and AI. Learn more here!

Go for Gobo: A gobo is a stencil or template that is placed inside a projector in order to project a lighted design on to the event space. There are precut designs available – stars, fireworks, holiday inspired and more. Also available are custom designs for logos, specialized messaging, etc. Ask your A/V specialist if they offer the service, or look online, there is a wide variety! An event planner is only limited by imagination; see some amazing examples on this Pinterest board.

Lighten Up: No need to gobo crazy, there are other ways to set a dramatic room. Check online to rent uplighting packages (many will ship directly to you). Uplights add a glow of color to walls and displays, or can be used to spotlight a significant event detail like florals or a dessert station.

Lead with LED: Get out your Google and search for LED column, LED curtain, LED chandelier and more. The options are many and varied? Find everything from small LED lights in jar to large LED screens.

Light Artists: Consider hiring a light artist or creative projection company to add an en-lightened flair to the side of a building, ceiling, wall and more. Amazing things can happen with a flat surface, a projector and a dash of creativity!

Holy Hologram!: The future is definitely here as hologram technology has entered the realm of wow! The futurist, Peter Diamondis, has digitized himself and can deliver the keynote at your event via hologram – mind blown! Or just rent some really cool hologram displays or projection.

AI, AI it’s off to plan we go: AI (Artificial Intelligence) is showing up in the form of chatbots at events. A chatbot can mimic a conversation with humans and be used in place of humans for purchasing event tickets, uploading presentation materials, and renting booths. They are also very helpful for customer service and answering FAQs like where to park, where are the restrooms, what is the wifi password, what time does a breakout begin, etc.

Even something as inexpensive as a Star Light Projector or the types of lights used by DJs can create a dramatic effect in your event space.

Have fun and “light”-en up, meeting planner!



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