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No Flu Here

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flu coldIf you have ever had the flu, you know how much you really do not ever, want to ever ever, have it again. It steals a week from your life and it so highly unpleasant that you are quite sure you may die. Let’s avoid it with these simple workplace tweaks.

1) Make it known that coming in sick to work shows you are dedicated to infecting everyone else, not a dedicated employee. Let your staff know that if they are sick they are to stay home. Do not bring your sickness, germs, and viruses into the workplace! If they feel a bit better, tell them to work from home and come back once they are germ free.

2) Create a “clean up” habit. Maybe on Friday afternoons, say at 3pm, it is time for everyone to clean up the week and get ready for the next. Literally clean up. Clear off the desks and wipe them down with some antibacterial cleaner or wipes. Do the same to phones and other items that are handled on a daily basis.

3) Make sure you cleaning service is aware of your wish to have them clean the doorknobs, the kitchen sink and the microwave – all germ havens.

4) Keep your own defenses up by supplementing with 15 – 30mg of zinc during flu season. Get plenty of sleep, remember to exercise (even just 15 minutes a day will make a big difference) and don’t forget to eat your veggies.

5) Bring in some green with low light-requiring plants like Deer Ferns; excellent at nixing toxins from the air.

6) Use anti-bacterial products, but do not obsess. Nature has a way of overcoming obstacles, so while anti-bacterial products are helpful, overuse will only provide nature with a reason to create even more resilient strains.

7) Want to see if the flu is making its way to your area, check out Google’s Flu Trends site.

May none of you get the flu this year; it truly is a terrible event. Stay healthy and keep planning!

*Thank you to Corporate Wellness Magazine for the picture!

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