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Jill Stone

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Ode to the Meeting Professional

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I received this wonderful nod to the meeting professional and wanted to share it with you:

She’s first one in and last to leave, her mark is everywhere.

But like a watchful angel, we seldom know she’s there.

Attendees join the breakfast line, and fill their cups with brew…

while scarfing down the rolls and fruit, all ordered by guess who?

The chairs are set, the handouts done, huge signs all point the way

to breakout rooms, exhibit halls and sponsors of the day.

She gets the luncheon served on time; presets the cheesecake too.

So when the program runs too long, the meal still ends on cue.

Convention done, the client smiles, attendees leave the hall.

Another for the record books, and, yes, she planned it all.

The first one in and last to leave, as if that’s some big news.

Forever calm and smiling through — thank God for comfy shoes!

We’ve used the female pronoun throughout this love decree,

but sometimes (as you’ve no doubt found), that meeting pro’s a he.


I love this ode because it is so true. Meeting planners are not the norm in the working world. We are the people that care immensely about our attendees and we will bend over backwards to make each meeting amazing and better than ever before.  We take on huge projects with gusto. We keep up with the trends and teach others, simply by including what’s new and what’s hot in our meetings. We are “count on” people, you can count on us to get it done. We are multi-talented – we create unforgettable menus, find fabulous venues, read contracts like well seasoned lawyers and negotiate like we are in the middle of a corporate merger. We have egos that allow for us to do all the work, yet not be the star of the show.

We are meeting planners and we ROCK!

Thank you to Tom Anderson, CMP Director, Conferences & Events at Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for this wonderful Ode to the Meeting Professional. 


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