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Oh, the Secrets Your Luggage Could Tell

in: Travel and Hospitality


What if your luggage could talk?  What would it say? I recently caught up with a few pieces of luggage and here were some observations they made and shared with me.

Roll with It: Sure, most luggage rolls these days, but this particular piece was sharing that their owner is really into rolling their clothes for packing. I myself have been known to roll with it. Ready to up your roll? Try Ranger Rolling.

Lighten Up: This was heard from many pieces of baggage. Their owners are packing them full and resorting to some rather aggressive closing techniques. With the fees that airports are charging these days, packing light can be a real money saver. Here are some great lighten up pack hacks for you.

I Can’t Go Along: Our luggage is a necessary travel companion, but there are some instances when your it should simply not come along. In the case of an airplane emergency evacuation situation, don’t grab your carry on. In fact, you could rack up criminal charges of up to $250,000 if you try to do so.

Don’t Touch That: Your luggage spends a lot of time hanging out in your hotel room. It would like you to know that certain items in the room are worth cleaning before touching, like the television remote, for example. Also, consider foregoing the use of kettles and hairdryers.

My Zipper is Stuck! Here is what to do in the case a zipper stops zipping? Download these handy instructions and keep then in one of your luggage’s pocket just in case.

I Could Use a Freshening Up: If your luggage is a bit stinky, here is an easy, effective and inexpensive method for freshening it up!

Hack Me: Love those packing hacks, here are a few more!

Hug Me: Greet your luggage with joy, as you have no idea what it may have gone through.

Show that luggage a bit of love, meeting planners!

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