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Olympics Tokyo 2021

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The big event that couldn’t happen last year is now scheduled for this year (sound familiar?)

Yes, Meeting Planners, the Olympics are here, and we are definitely in for the excitement, the thrills and, well, the heartaches.

Those reading this blog my not have the athletic prowess to participate in the Olympic games, but planners are without a doubt always going for the gold; consistently achieving Olympic level status when it comes to creating impactful, memorable, and successful meetings.

Setting the Stage: The Olympic Opening Ceremony sets the stage for the games to begin. The same goes for any meeting. That first encounter, whether it be at registration desk or at an opening gala, sets the stage for what is to come and planners understand the weight of that first impression.

All Eyes Are Upon Us: The eyes of the world are upon the Olympics. For a meeting planner, the eyes of their world are upon them. Events, conferences, and meetings are a vital endeavor for any organization. The expectation to deliver value and to do so in a highly impressive way is real. The pressure is always on and meeting planners are up to the task.

Perfection: Olympians are looking for a perfect 10 and so are planners; each meeting is significant and deserves a high level of perfection each and every time.

Leadership: Meetings are a team effort. Even a solo athlete has a team behind them. It takes a special person to inspires others to do their part, understand the goal and to do what needs to be done and then some.

Pivot: The Olympics are facing unprecedented challenges as the pandemic continues to change shape. Organizers declared a state of emergency and they will not allow any live spectators to witness games. Meeting planners are incredibly adept had handling such challenges and do so often!

Grit: Olympians have grit! They are up for the challenge, they are confident, they are willing to go the extra meter, jump higher, go farther, achieve more. And so are meeting planners, we do not stop, we keep going, we move forward – not even a pandemic can keep us from creating a place where people can connect, learn, and collaborate.

Thank you for doing what you do and for going for the gold each and every day, meeting planner. If you need a bit of support, a coach in your corner, or a fan to cheer you on, give me a call. I’m here for you!  636-678-7661.

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