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OMG FYI TMI: Acronym Overload

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So the other day I was contacted by the CSM concerning an RFP from a CMP. They had some questions about the F&B and AV J

Since some of may be experiencing FOMO (JK!) with this acronym overload, although I’m sure you are familiar with most of these, I wanted to make sure you were up on what’s what ASAP. So here we go!

ADR – Average Daily Rate
In the lodging industry, this is the number that represents the average income per paid occupied room in a given time period. It’s calculated by multiplying the rate by the total number of rooms available.
AV – Audio-Visual
AV is a generic term for the audio and video components necessary for your meeting; projectors, screens, sound systems, computers, extension cords, whiteboards, microphones, and more. Also includes the invaluable people needed to set it up and make sure it’s all in working order.
BEO – Banquet Event Order
BEOs are necessary so that each department within the venue, which will play a part in making your meeting happen, know what should be where, what should be served, how all should be set up, and when it all is to happen. It’s a detailed breakdown of the goods and services necessary and at the times required.

CMP – Certified Meeting Professional
Meeting professionals who have been in the industry for at least three years, can gain great knowledge and show off their smarts by applying for and passing this examination. No, it is not easy, it takes work and study – and shows great commitment to the profession.

CSM – Convention Services Manager
On the venue side of the meeting coin, this is the title of their meeting planner. Once contracts are signed, this is the person that brings together all the elements you need from the venue. Many emails, texts and phone calls happen between the CMP and the CSM.

CVB – Convention and Visitors Bureau
The goal of this agency is to positively promote their area in order to attract meetings to their region. They are extremely helpful and a value added resource for meeting planners – kind of like someone else I know.

F&B – Food and Beverage
Meals, breaks, and all other food functions for your event encompass F&B.

IPO – Individual Pays Own
In a meeting, some attendee expenses will be covered through the group’s Master Billing, while others will need to be covered by the individual.
MOD – Manager on Duty
As a meeting planner this is the main point of contact while on-site at your meeting. Although they could be the manager of any department within the venue they act as your go-to person to the line level staff.
RFP – Request for Proposal
An RFP is a document that an organization posts to elicit bids from possible venues and other vendors. I know someone who is very well versed in RFPs and can even create fabulously simple to read spreadsheets from the RFPs received, allowing the meeting professional to quickly surmise the venue that will best fit their event.

I hope this list was helpful to you. JSYK, you can always AMA, DM me here. Thanks BAE, TTFN!


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