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One Cool Tip

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One Cool Tip

We are bombarded daily with tech and digital information, so it’s nice to know that out there is someone who has chosen to serve us – not with an overwhelming amount of high level tech information – but in easy small doses at just One Cool Tip at a time.

Meet my friend Rodger Mansfield. For the last 30 years, he has been that go-to tech guy we all wish we had in our life. He has a talent for turning complex tech and digital issues into simple and easy-to-understand tidbits of information. Rodger shares, “I am all to familiar with that glazed over look that people get when you are overwhelming them with information, but if instead it is provided to them in small chunks, they are able to better absorb and utilize the information.”

As a result, he decided to start One Cool Tip. “I actually started it as a way to easily share the information with my friends, family and clients,” says Rodger, “but then it became popular.” So popular that Rodger recently started the One Cool Tip Show, a weekly podcast for listening to tips on the go. In sticking to his short and to-the-point format, each show runs a mere 10 – 15 minutes long.

His tips cover a full range of tips from software, mobile phones, apps and more. The tips are designed to help you do things better and faster, some tips are concerned with features that have unattended consequences. Rodger also makes sure to cover alternative approaches to social media and blogging so you can get the most bang for your posts.

If he comes across new and share-worthy information, he checks it out and talks it up. “I test out everything ahead of time so that I can share how to best use the tools or advice,” say Rodger, “most people do not have time to check out the latest and greatest on all the tech sites out there. They can count on me to check it out, find the best way to use to it, then share it in one concise tip.” I, for one, really appreciate it!

I asked him about tips that would be especially helpful to meeting planners and he talked about those that he has shared concerning Powerpoint, Google Keep (a tool used to save information you may need late; it can be synced up between your tablet, mobile and laptop), and Doodle (great for scheduling a meeting with your team and giving everyone options on dates and times so you can find something that works with everyone’s schedule). “In all reality,” says Rodger, “if you work on a computer or use a mobile device of any sort, you can use the tips.”

Of course he also shares all his great tips on Facebook and Twitter, so come hang out with Rodger and I and learn the best of the best in tech – and learn in a way that won’t make your head hurt – you gotta love that!

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