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Out and In

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Out and In

Recently I wrote a blog about how the word Outsourcing should be out, but the word Insupporting should be the new in buzzword; as it very much, and more aptly, describes what I do for my clients. And, yes, I totally made the word up, so if anyone has a connection with the Webster’s Dictionary folks, could you do an email intro for me? I would sure appreciate it!

This got me thinking about what else is “out” when it comes to meetings and what is “in.” Here is my list!

OUT: Attendees sitting and watching other people speak and teach; rinse and repeat.

IN: Do a bit of this and a bit of that; have some speaker-focused offerings, but also include participatory activities, round table discussions and other endeavors that include the attendees in the action. Meetings need to be experiential!


OUT:  Food you can get anywhere.

IN: Think locally!  Bring in local food and drink! Work with the property’s chef, more often than not they are well versed in locally grown food, along with locally produced craft beers, sodas, snacks and desserts.


OUT: Buyer’s Market.

IN: Seller’s Market. Now more than ever, planners will need to move quickly to secure their meeting space and get the contract signed.  Due to high occupancy rates, properties need not be in a position to wait for the decision makers to make a decision.  Just a small reminder, I could be quite helpful in expediting this process and making it painless.


OUT: Google searches that come out flat.

IN: You are everywhere! Events and meetings should have a strong online presence; a dedicated website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, an app, etc. Social media and online marketing/advertising should have its own budget line (if you don’t know where to start I can hook you up with my online peeps!).


OUT: Working hard to find a meeting location.

IN: Calling your insupporting site selection professional, aka Jill Stone (636-797-3405).


And now for my Should Be Out and Should Be In Section:

SHOULD BE OUT: Unreliable, crazy expensive Wi-Fi.

SHOULD BE IN: Universal, free, everywhere Wi-Fi access! Hey, a girl can dream, right? Is it just me or has this crossed the line from luxury to necessity?


I am OUT of here, thanks for joining me! See you IN a few on Facebook! Or Twitter, or Pinterest, or LinkedIn, or YouTube, or email, my web site or wherever your online adventures may take you.


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