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Out Outsourcing, In Insupporting

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unnamed-5Certain words and phrases, despite their original meanings, have taken on different meanings over time.  For example, did you know that the word awful used to mean to inspire wonder and it now means terrible or horrible.  Bully once meant good fellow or darling, now it is someone to absolutely avoid!

This has sort of happened with the word, “outsourcing,” especially in the meeting planning world.  It was once a positive way to fill in some areas when needed, but over time it seemed to take on a different feel.  Unfortunately, some outsourcing companies were either egregious (which now means “outstandingly bad,” its original meaning was “remarkably good”) or simply never delivered on their promises and then mysteriously disappeared.

I say we boot out the word “outsourcing” and bring in “insupporting.” Why? Well, I just like it better and I think it also better explains what I do.  You bring me “in” to “support” you and your meeting.

This is how I do so:

  • Take away the laborious task of weeding through which properties have space and which do not for your meeting, dates and unique specifications.
  • Leverage my relationships with host properties to get the most for you and your attendees.
  • Have the ability to engage 1300 HelmsBriscoe Associates volume buying power, collective knowledge and global reach.
  • Offer an amazing way to capture meeting spend (ALL of your meeting spend)!
  • Ensure a proactive approach to solving your challenges.
  • Save you a ton of time, a slew of phone calling, and ease your inbox.
  • Oh – and I represent a company of high integrity, and I have been here for many years since I too am of high integrity.

As well, I will do all of this in a brave way! This being the current meaning of brave, which is courageous, not the original meaning being showy or gaudy. I also promise to be nice, again the current meaning of nice, being pleasant and agreeable, not the original meaning of not knowing or foolish.  Confused? Don’t be!  Just call me! 636-797-3405.


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