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Picture This

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Taking pictures has become a daily event for many. We take selfies, show off our children and grandchildren, catch our pets in funny moments, and even take pictures of our food. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then billions upon billions of words are being captured, uploaded and shared each and every day.

You can reign in this picture bonanza at your events via Instagram. Share with your attendees your company and/or event Instagram username and have them follow you. Make sure to create a #hashtag for your event so that everyone can follow along with the photo taking fun.

Some people have a knack for capturing the best pictures, and some of us need a few how-to’s:

  • Still and Focus: Fuzzy pictures will not do. Have a steady hand (or tripod) and make sure you tap the screen of your mobile phone to properly set the focus.
  • Be Square: When taking pictures make sure your subjects fit in a square space as opposed to a rectangular space.
  • Step Up (or Back): Rather than use the zoom feature, use your legs. The zoom tends to mess with the resolution.
  • Subject Matters: Take pictures of people at the event! If there is a feature at the venue that seems to have captured people’s attention, take a picture. Find common elements that everyone can relate to and snap a photo.
  • Word Up: Your photos will stand out with words. With an app like WordSwag you can add beautiful artistic wording to your pictures. Think about capturing a quote from the keynote speaker and adding it to their picture; definitely a shareable image!

If you want to take your event’s Instagram presence to a whole new level, check out Eventstagram. As your attendees post photos, the photos are then instantly shared in a real-time slideshow. Say cheese!

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