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Pin Up Events

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Have you ever thought of creating pin boards around your events? There are endless possibilities and it is really worth your consideration! Here are some great ideas for you!

  • Create boards with pictures from the event (post them throughout the day and during the event). Make sure to encourage others to participate, all you need do is invite them to pin via their email address – on the Edit board option, you will see the question “Who can pin?” Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and invite them!
  • Create boards for your tradeshow! Pin a picture of each of the vendor’s booths along with a link to their website. Great value add!
  • Create a board for your giveaways, raffles and auctions! Take pictures of any items that will be included – Great way to get people excited! Start a conversation by having your department comment on the items and thank those that donated the items (along with a link to their website).
  • Make a board that promotes the feel of the event. Pictures can convey what may take many words to do (pictures are worth 1,000 words, right?). With this in mind find pictures that convey the feel of your event by utilizing various symbols, colors, emotions, quotes, etc.
  • Hashtags! Just as you can create a hashtag for your event for Twitter conversations, you can use the same hashtag on Pinterest. Just another way to make sure your various platforms are connected and “holding hands.”
  • If any of your vendors or participants have a Pinterest account, be sure to check out their boards and re-pin some of their pictures.
  • Make a board of helpful statistics and information about your industry with infographics. You would be surprised; there is an infographic for almost everything out there. Check out sites like Daily Infographic, Fast Company Infographics or Fastco Design.

Did you know that I am on Pinterest, come check out my boards!  Happy Pinning!

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