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The Planner’s Plan Starts Here

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Your Plan Starts Here

Before you plan your next conference or meeting, you may start with giving me a call. The service I provide to planners is provides a quantum leap into the entire planning process!

  • Start planning your overall marketing strategy by calling me first. I will begin the process of finding that perfect venue, with all the rooms you need, all the a/v you could dream of, all the breakouts and conference space and more. While I’m busy calling, emailing and negotiating, you will have the time to think big picture strategy.
  • Start planning your actual meeting. While you are lining up speakers, sponsors and vendors I will be creating a fabulous spreadsheet of all the venue choices and pertinent information that will save you time, money and headaches.
  • Start planning all the finer details of your meeting. In the meantime I’ll be searching for an ideal for your next year’s conference so when it’s time to plan that one, the venue is in place and ready.
  • Start planning your future! While you are creating the career of your dreams, and becoming a meeting planner extraordinaire, I will take on the time consuming task of finding the places for your extraordinary meeting.
  • Start planning to shine in all you do! Need some new fresh ideas? Want to know the meeting planning trends? Looking for a break from your day? Log in and see what I’ve been bloggin’! I have all kinds of interesting, necessary and fun items to share with you.

And now for a song! Each summer, one song emerges as that which most embodies the season; this year that song is “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” by Justin Timberlake. While Justin does a fine job, I just couldn’t stop the feeling that I needed to turn his tune into a meeting-planning ditty. Enjoy!


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