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Think about Sponsorship Yesterday

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In my last blog I shared how Sponsorships Start with Relationships. I highly recommend reading that blog before you read this one as it’s a great primer for what I share here.

Just like the events you plan, relationships take time, care and nurturing. Here are some thoughts on how to take your sponsorships up to the next level!

  • Create a Case for Sponsorship: Get ready to get set for your meetings. Create a Case for Sponsorship that can be sent to prospects a day or so ahead of time. In this document outline your organization’s past successes, mission, vision, team profile, event schedule, etc.
  • Start Yesterday: Contact potential sponsors at least one year out from your conference date. The first goal is to set up an exploratory meeting. Ask questions, then listen intently. Figure out “Why” their sponsorship makes sense for them.
  • Cater to the Sponsor: Once you know their “Why” you are in a better position to cater your sponsorship offers to meet their needs.
  • Change the Language: Consider your approach. Yes, they are giving you money, but you are providing value! Make sure they see you and consider you a partner.
  • Create Sponsorship Levels: The ability to create unique offers is a win, but even still most will request to see some sponsorship packages along with their associated costs. This document is a great follow-up to a second meeting. It provides ideas and something to share with their other team members.
  • Nurture: Make it a point to keep up with sponsors and potential sponsors throughout the year. Get to really know them! Send along blogs they may find interesting. Give small gifts that show you have them in mind. Include shout-outs and tags on social, share their posts with your audience, etc. Create Google Alerts so you know when a “congratulations” is in order for them or their company.

Be unforgettable! Stay top of mind with your sponsors all year long. Do not limit your visibility to only “that time of year when you need money.”


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