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So Many Pod-abilities

in: Technology


When it comes to your events, there are so many pod-abilities. That’s right! Adding a podcast audio component to your event is a great way to make the most of your content and further connect with your audience, be it live or virtual.

The popularity of podcasts has a lot to do with accessibility. A podcast can be listened to while driving, exercising, waiting in line, on a plane, etc. Varying in length, 20 minutes is a good standard time-wise, as long as the podcast is information-packed.

Here are some ways in which a podcast can add value to any event:

  • Pre- and Post- Interviews with Presenters: Schedule interviews with your presenters to provide additional insight into their presentations, experience and knowledge. To drive listeners, consider offering exclusive content that will not or has not been shared in the presentation.
  • Shine on Sponsors: A podcast can act as a value-add for your sponsors, or create additional opportunities for landing more sponsorships dollars.
  • Why Attend?: Back up your printed and digital information with a podcast highlighting what attendees can expect to learn and experience. Interview past attendees, show off valuable connections made at past conferences and include a special invitation from the President or CEO of your organization to attend.
  • What to Know: Informing attendees of event details and covering all the FAQs can also be done audibly. While logistical information is necessary, feel free to sprinkle in some highlights about speakers and entertainment.
  • Keep up Momentum: A podcast around an event can act as a bridge from event to event by keeping past, present and future attendees – and sponsors – informed and engaged with your business and brand.
  • Testing, testing, 1-2-3: Podcasting can be used as a test market for future event speakers or topics. Invite on potential speakers, then allow your audience to let you know their interest level – the number of downloads and how many people listened online will help you to gauge interest.

Podcasting is a relatively low-cost way to create content. You can even add video into the mix, check me out here. If you need any help in getting a podcast started, let’s talk, I can help!

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