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I have talked about QR Codes in the past and I dare say that at this point QR codes are more popular than ever! The potential for their application is ever more diversified, offering a greater range of possibilities. A recent feature from M&C highlighted that the team at VisitPittsburgh wear custom lapel pins which link to their CVB web site. will print your QR Code on cookies; a great item to giveaway at your next tradeshow or meeting!

QR codes are relatively easy to create, there are phone apps available, as well as plenty of web sites where you can create to your heart’s delight; one of my favorite sites is UnitagLive. You can point your codes to a web site, social media page, video, present a message, provide your contact information and more. These are static options, but even more exciting is the prospect of a well designed dynamic QR Code.

Mich Hancock, owner of 100th Monkey Media, a social media management company, explains, “Dynamic QR Codes utilize one code, but there is a backend element that allows for you to change what the QR Code does and how it performs. You can have it ask for a like for your Facebook page and once the person likes your page they are presented with a coupon. A few weeks later you may want to use it to grow your Twitter followers or take people to a video you’ve created.”  She went on to share that, “These QR Codes could save you a bundle on printing! One QR Code can be printed on a brochure, but behave differently according to where you are located, it may provide one particular deal to a location in Missouri, but a different deal at a location in California. This way you do not have to print a different QR Code for each area where the brochure will be mailed or presented. As well, it can be used as a way to update people; one code can be updated with new information and in turn keep your people updated.”

Think about how this could be used for an event! You could send one invitation with one QR Code and share with the recipient that the code will be updated each Friday with new information and reminders about your event. Rather than print up a schedule, the same QR Code could then be used to update attendees of that day’s events.  These QR Codes can be branded with your logo, event name, color scheme, etc. It truly could set your event apart from all the rest! As well, this sort of code would include analytics so you can determine the success of your code.

If you are interested in having a QR Code of any kind designed, be sure to contact Mich via email or call her at 314-303-3782. In the meantime, email or call me at 636-797-3405 to talk about your next event!

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