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Really Plan for your Next Conference

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Conferences are a fantastic way to keep up with the latest and greatest in your industry, connect with like professionals, learn, exchange and grow. It’s one thing to sign up, choose your sessions, and pack all the appropriate necessities and outfits (and shoes!) for the various conference meetings and activities. But in order to get the most bang for your (or your employer’s) buck, have you ever thought of taking your planning just a bit further?

Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert, offers The Organized Conference Planner. Says Cathy, “It’s designed to be the best friend of anyone attending a conference. The planner boasts almost forty packed pages of valuable structures and information, providing a clear format to better plan and organize and make the most of the conference experience.” If you and/or your attendees were to spend time thinking about goals, who to meet, who to schedule a one on one, what additional knowledge to walk away with and utilize immediately upon return – how much value would this add to the experience?

By using conference time to its maximum benefit, your attendees will be able to increase their return on investment, gain greater insight as to what is most important, and return with concrete and implementable ways to increase productivity and outcome. It allows the attendee to take their participation to the next level.

A proper conference planner provides the attendee a place to create intentions, record business opportunities, schedule daily activities, make action steps, jot down unforgettable ideas, record new contacts and will act as a keepsake; where the attendee can keep the experience for the sake of ongoing inspiration. Rather than come away with great ideas that fade over time, a conference planner creates an ongoing and easily accessible documentation that allows for the experience to live on long after the conference’s end.

The next time you are sending your staff to a conference, consider providing each with a conference planner. Perhaps even spend some time with them as a group to discuss the importance of this resource. Alternately, if you are planning a conference, this could provide a great value add for those who sign up to attend.

Do you have any strategies in place for your conference attendees? Do you have a plan that covers pre-conference, during conference and post-conference in order to maximize the experience? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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