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My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open: Meeting Planners Need Relaxation

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If meeting planner brains were computers, most of them would look something like the picture posted here; so many tabs open at the same time, since there are so many items to keep track of! A meeting planner’s job is never ending, always juggling and eternally filled with somethings to do or accomplish. So, while you’re at your computer, maybe open a few more tabs and allow yourself to get some much-needed Zen.

Take a Listen: Neuroscience says that listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%. The name of the song is “Weightless,” which was created in conjunction with sound therapists. Listening to this song may cause drowsiness, so don’t play while at work or driving. It’s only a bit over 8 minutes long, so listen up for a much -needed break!

Be in Nature: We can go from our home to airport to destination to venue without touching nature; this disconnection has been shown to create stress. Perhaps a hike is difficult to get to, but how about a trip to the zoo? My local St. Louis Zoo is right now conducting a study to see just how beneficial a trip to the zoo can be for health.

Smell This: Essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, and ylang ylang have shown to help reduce stress levels. There are several types of applications; wearing them, adding them to a bath, using a diffuser and more. Learn about the qualities of such oils and breathe in some relief.

Break out the Stress Balls: Meeting professionals have planned and attended many conferences and trade shows over the years and much swag has been collected. Break out those hidden away stress balls! Though exercise is the best way to release built up stress energy, squeezing and releasing a stress ball can help and is a bit easier to accomplish while sitting at a desk.

Enlist Help: An honest evaluation of the work needed to be done and the resources available is always a good idea. We tend to take on too much, so ask these questions:

Sometimes we forget the resources available to us – find them and use them and get thee to Zen, meeting planner.

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