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Jill Stone

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Running for That Plane

in: Travel and Hospitality

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” saved the universe in Season 4 of Stranger Things. For some of us, no matter the season, we seem to always be running for that plane.

Here are some that items that can help any procrastinator still make it to the gate on time:

Tile: This tiny device is big on time savings. Tile key chains connects to a phone and once engaged will ring to make their place known. Also works in reverse. And don’t forget to keep one in your checked luggage so you know where it is at all times as well. If the item is not in ring-range, that’s okay, it can still tell you where it’s located.

Toiletries: Keep a travel friendly bottle set on hand; a set with several sizes means less time searching for the perfect container.

Scale: Last minute packers tend to over pack. Make sure luggage does not end up costing more money, weigh it before heading out to the airport.

Cubes: Packing cubes help both before and after arrival; each can hold a specific type of clothing; undies, socks, t-shirts, bottoms, etc. to keep luggage organized and easy.

Charger: Those waiting until the last minute may have failed to charge their phone. Bring along a slim charger that can a charge a phone and then some.

Crossbody: Keep important items close and easy to get into but inaccessible to others. Make sure the crossbody bag fits into your carryon as it may count as a separate piece.

Coffee: Don’t leave home without it! Keep instant coffee packs on hand when there’s not time to stop at the airport Starbucks.

Dry Cleaner: For when there was not enough time to make it to the dry cleaner this can be a savior for freshening up dry clean items.

Iron: For when there is no time to iron, this travel wrinkle releaser can live in luggage and always be there when needed.

Survival Kit: Be ready for a cold, a tummy ache, bad breath, and red eyes.

Travel Supplement: This all-in-one supplement helps with immunity, digestive issues, energy, stress and focus.

Those that are always running for that plane, can keep these items always handy in luggage and travel bags do packing becomes a breeze. One day there may be time to leisurely stroll to your gate.

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