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Rx For a Happy Day

in: Event Planning Advice

Flower (1)Meeting Planners spend most of their time working to make people happy.  Each meeting is designed with the success and happiness of the attendees, staff, management, board members, vendors and more; happy with everything from the turn out, the schedule, the entertainment, the speakers, and menus, to the color of the carpeting at the venue (okay, well maybe not that necessarily).

Meeting Planners deserve happiness as well. So here is your prescription for a Happy Day for the Meeting Planner!

  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Is it check email or voicemail? Skip this and save it for later. Instead, when you wake up take a moment to think positive thoughts and say a few thank you’s for the awesome things in your life and the amazing unique skills you have.

  2. Schedule at least a few minutes of me-time into your day. Whether it be having a cup of coffee while you sit and listen to the spring birds sing or you simply watch a few funny YouTube videos.

  3. Once you get to work, make sure you take care of the biggest, most pressing project(s) first, then move onto the rest. This will do wonders for your stress.

  4. Move! Do not sit all day long at that computer. Make sure you are getting up and moving about every here and there.

  5. Make sure you work with a site selection manager that can take on some of the work for you, ensure that you have top notch negotiating power and will find you those gems of fam trips that you may be missing out on (HelmsBriscoe clients are privy to some of the most amazing fam trips ever!).

Happy Day Meeting Planner! Would love to be a part of your Happy Day any day : ) 636-797-3405.

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