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Sanity Savers are In

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saving time

We talk a lot about saving time and money, and though quite important, saving our sanity also ranks rather high. Meeting Managers have the capacity to store amazing amounts of information, details, schedules, data and more – there are computers out there that are envious of your abilities, I assure you of this. That said, a great way to stay sane is to upload some of what is taking up space in your brain, leaving you room to download the bigger picture data that keeps running at optimal levels of sanity.

Here time saving ideas for you:

  • On-Site Service: Ask the travel management company or venue contact you are working with if they know of anyone you could hire to be your “feet on the street.” This person can act as your on-site eyes and ears, doing all the activities you would do if you could be in two places at one time. I am able to offer this perk to HelmsBriscoe clients. For example, let’s say you want to make sure a venue is up to snuff; you just want to make sure that the pictures displayed on their website pictures aptly convey the actual look and feel of the property. All it takes is a phone call, and I can ask one of our local site selection managers to go check things out on your behalf. And I can make this happen almost anywhere in the world!
  • Go Consultant: If your department is overwhelmed with internal meeting requests, and hiring another planner in not the in the budget, create a consultant type offering. Think of it this way, when someone calls to have a smaller meeting planned, and it is a meeting that does not require a high level of attention, you can grant them approval to plan the meeting on their own. Assign someone to act as a consultant for them, in the case that they need a meeting manager’s expertise.
  • Ghost-Siter: Just like one might hire a ghostwriter, you can hire your own Ghost Siter; aka Me, aka Site Selection Expert, aka Won’t Show Up on Your Bottom Line. My goal is to bring ease to your site selection, give you back time, save you money and in the end save your sanity. My job ends once you have chosen the site and the (expertly negotiated by me) contract is signed. After that I get out of your meeting planning way (unless, of course, you need me to step back in for whatever reason).

Here for you, when you need me to be there for you!

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