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No More Saving Daylight

in: Fun

On November 2, while you are tucked away in your nice cozy bed, the time will magically fall back one hour; 2am will become 1am once again. Yes, Daylight Savings Time ends and clocks around the nation will fall back one full hour. Though this yearly event has a tendency to mess with our schedules, there are some positives!

You get to cheat and sleep in, without really sleeping in. Let’s say you get up at what you perceive as 9am on November 2. You just won an extra hour as you are really getting up at 8am. Yay you!

Synchronicity of time is yours. You know how your bedroom clock is five minutes faster than the kitchen clock, which is 7 minutes slower than you car clock? Well, for a bit of time, they will all be in timely order once again.

You get to experience a bit more light in the morning. Mornings were starting to get dark already; this clock reset will buy us a bit more morning sun time before the winter months take hold.

“Fall back” is a great reminder to “back up” your computers! Last spring my computer met with lightening, not an ideal mix. Believe me when I tell you – backing up your files should be a huge priority!

Let this day also remind you to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms. Hopefully you will never need them, but in the case that you do, you’ll want them working and working well.

Another reminder for this day is to make sure you are prepared with emergency supplies for the winter. For home, make a list to buy extra bottled water, blankets, batteries, flashlights and candles to have on hand. Also, don’t forget your Car Winter Emergency Kit, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy snows.

Finally, plan to take it easy on November 2. Let this be a day where you reset your own internal clock!

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