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Making kids dreams come true in the world of sports is the mission of JSA, Junior Sports Association, Inc. This national organization both organizes and promotes youth sports for grades 2nd through 12th giving players an opportunity to shine, and perhaps even be discovered by colleges and universities for a change to enter into their scholarship programs. They focus on basketball, but have also started adding volleyball, football, softball, baseball and soccer to their mix.

Eric Perry, Chairman, started JSA in 2000 with a “long term vision to elevate the quality of entertainment in Memphis.” Now his vision has extended beyond Memphis and into the nation, engaging “the community by delivering both winning teams and providing opportunities for fans of all ages and abilities to participate in the excitement of sports.” He shares, “Our games are fun for the whole family! We have many activities going on for the younger kids so the parents can sit and enjoy the games, we hold raffle drawings throughout the day, and everyone enjoys the popular TwinSportsTV.” TwinSportsTV’s junior hosts interview coaches and the players, providing even more positive exposure to all involved.

A favorite example is Mr. Phillip Mayes, Jr from the Memphis Disciples Team. He received a scholarship to the US Air Force Academy and was able to shake the hand of President Obama upon graduation. Check out their web page here.

The teams travel all over the country taking part in various competitions. By bringing their teams to the various locations, they are therefore also bringing the teams directly to the college scout’s town, providing a better opportunity to catch the eye of the perfect future school for their talent. Their largest event takes place once each year, TKO All-Star National Basketball Championships, hosts over 200 teams. To learn more about the event schedule, rules and more visit this page.

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