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Take Off the Cape: Meeting Planner Self Care

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Self Care

I came across a blog at Event Manager Blog the other day, titled “Are You Addicted to Event Planning?” Before clicking on the link I imagined it to be a lighthearted look at how some of us love event planning so very much that we are “addicted” to it. Instead, the article was quite real and it struck me how important it is to be aware of your life-work balance.  Of course there are no EPA (Event Planner Anonymous) groups, and rather doubt there ever will be, it’s not a bad idea to think on this a bit.

As we venture into our next year, we should each take stock of where we are in our event planning worlds. Do you find yourself operating on 4 hours of sleep and 12 or more hours of work each day? Just think about it. If this sounds like you, there is a high probability that you need to take better care of you.

Sometimes we get on this track and forget we’re on it until something or someone says, “Hey, you need to take a break.” So this is me, reminding you, that though you have absolutely earned the title of invincibility, keep in mind that even super heroes take breaks. Take off the cape for a bit, put up your feet and catch up on you.

Here is an idea on where to start; since you are so wonderful at planning and scheduling, use those skills to plan some downtime and to schedule some rest. It may feel really strange at first and it may even feel like you are cheating as you “could be doing something more productive.” Consider that not “doing” is actually extremely productive. When you allow your brain and body to rest you allow space for other ideas and experiences to take place.

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