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Shoes, Glorious Shoes

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Shoes Shoes Shoes

We just celebrated Labor Day. I labor, you labor, we all labor and in exchange for that labor we are paid and thus, we buy shoes. Well, and accessories to go with the shoes like jewelry and super cute outfits. Due to the importance of shoes, we must also stay current and ever-so-knowledgeable about their sole-role in our lives.  You are in luck, for not only am I the Detail Diva (ie, Meeting Planner), I am also the Shoe Queen (which is way better than being a Snow Queen!).

Read and learn my fellow Shoe Enthusiasts!

1)   The average woman will spend $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime. (I think I may have doubled this average amount already and I have quite a few years to go so see point 8).

2)   You can easily reach the 25K mark and beyond, when you purchase shoes like these.

3)   Celebrities get the importance of shoes, so keep up girlfriends! A daily visit to FashionBombDaily is not a bad way to start your morning. And make sure to have a cup of coffee on hand. And yes, this does qualify as a fact.

4)   Know what an “almond toe” is? Can you point out where the “vamp” of your shoe is located? No? Let the “Shoe Queen” give you a leg up on shoe lingo here.

5)   Shoes, in and of themselves, are a form of entertainment. They are simply awesome and you can look at them for long stretches of time, spend hours trying them on with different outfits, or just make a day of it and go shoe shopping. You can also have fun playing Shoe Bingo.

6)   For busy meeting days, you will need an all day shoe; here are some tips for you.

7)   By now you know that you need to take breaks throughout your day – it’s healthy and good for you. I suggest you go to Pinterest, type in “shoes” and see what comes up.

8)   We all have our shoe goals in life, here is mine.  Sigh!

May your closets be filled with shoes a ‘plenty!

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