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Is Your Event Ready for the Sober Curious?

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More and more people are drinking less and less. There’s a new trend that is bellying up to the bar as of late. Here is your primer on becoming fluent in the “sober curious” movement.

Not drinking: The movement is more about promoting health and wellness. The thought behind is that just because you are an adult and out socializing, does not mean you must also have an alcoholic drink in your hand. The vibe is less about having to say, “I’m sober,” but “I’m sober curious.” It’s more along the lines of saying “I’m gluten-free” or “I’m a vegetarian”.

Or drinking less: The movement does not necessarily mean that you will never consume alcohol again, instead it’s about being more mindful about drinking. Rather than drinking simply because it the expectation to do so or how things are done, it is about being conscious of choices.

Know thy drinks: The sober curious may be seen sipping on shrubs, kombucha, or fancy mocktails. Several companies are showing up on the sober scene. Check out Kin Euphoric, Curious No 1 Cocktail, Seedlip or Arkay. Although larger companies have offered non-alcoholic beers for quite a while, expect to now see craft non-alcoholic beers cropping up.

Where to non-drink: Another area for growth are places like Getaway in New York City. Here guests enjoy drinks made with zero alcohol, but that pack plenty of flavor. There are sober curious meetups as well as sober social houses that offer a different kind of buzz, “drinks infused with herbal remedies including Kava and CBD.”

How to make drinks: For recipes, check out the Instagram feed of @thebalancedblonde. Here are some great pages to check out; Town&Country, Self and Brit.

Gone are the days when non-alcoholic choices were water or soda, and the only hope of anything more interesting was something that involved a mix of fruit juices with a splash of grenadine. The sober curious movement brings a distinguished sophistication, distinguishing itself as less about drinking and more about being more present with yourself and those around you. Cheers!

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