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Social Distancing: Safe 6

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Social Distancing

Remember when we used to shake hands when we met someone? Or perhaps you were a hugger? Remember when a little sneeze got a “Bless you!” Now people either politely step further away or scatter? Ah, the good ole, pre-Covid days.

These days if we do meet, we do so at 6 feet apart. In the event planning world, this adds another layer of challenge to event space design. Here are some Safe 6 solutions for you.

  • Be Spacey: This is easy, but should be noted. Take a look at the space you have and the size of the chairs, tables and décor available. Make sure all is spaced well apart, and think of décor as a way to keep all from getting too close. As an example, a table for 4 becomes a table for 2, and a large plant may be used between the tables to create even more space.
  • Go Green: Plants become even more important! Just because intimate settings are out, it does not mean that spaces need to feel cold. Add large plants next to sitting areas; plants on tables; warm colors. Another good “softening” element is drapery.
  • Stay on the Path: Create pathways using stanchion posts. They can also serve as visual reminders to stay at that Safe 6.
  • Furnish Well: Other visual Safe 6 reminders are small corner tables, u-shaped tables, pedestals, large plants, panel screens or room dividers. Use these throughout the space to ensure that your group stays distanced.
  • More Signage: Signs are always a necessity at events, now it’s time to add a few more; reminders to practice social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.
  • Safe 6 Swag: Make sure to include hand sanitizer in the swag bags. Also, set out large bottles in all break out rooms and sitting areas. Promotional companies have already hopped on the band wagon with custom logo masks, available in all kinds of styles, colors, etc.

Be Safe 6 out there, Meeting Planners! Stay creative – it’s what keeps our industry moving forward!


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