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Speaking of Content

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Content is an important ingredient. We blog (I’m doing so right now!), we make videos, we post and post more, we share information on our profiles – and all of this adds up to your audience understanding the many facets of you and what you do.

When it comes to events, content is the draw. It’s the reason to go to an event. Potential attendees want to know what they will learn, who they will see, what’s new and what interesting trends are coming their way.

Finding, and choosing speakers is a big deal as they are the carriers of content. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with the Rock Stars: If there are some definite speakers to showcase, reach out to them and find out their availability. Go for the for-sures first! Plus, talk with them directly about their presentation as their content may provide a foundation from which other content and marketing opportunities can grow.
  • Keep Goals on The Team’s Radar: During planning, it’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the overall goals of the event. At risk is booking speakers that do not truly “fit in,” thereby watering down your message. Keep those goals front and center!
  • RFP Well: The proposals should clearly outline the goals and nature of the event, as well as convey the content you are most interested in delivering. Carefully choose who will be making recommendations based on the proposals received, aim for a diverse team with varying skills to ensure all the bases are covered. Also, go through the application with the eyes of a potential speaker to ensure that it is clear and intuitive.
  • Meet Expectations: Surveying potential attendees will provide much insight into the content expected. Keep in mind that the attendee is looking for answers to their pains, opportunities to meet the right people, and learn what they need in order to grow their career and become their own rock star back at the office. Also, ask if they have any suggestions for speakers.
  • Exceed Expectations: Do some research to find those speakers that are ahead of the curve so you can be the first to bring new information to your attendees!
  • Back Them Up: Be ready for unwanted surprises and include a backup speaker or two. Of course, these speakers should fit the overall subject matter as well.
  • Talk Them Up: The best of the lineup should be showcased in all marketing materials; include presentation and bio information in posts, newsletters, blogs and more! Ask if they have any ideas on how to best market their presentation for your event, they may have some videos to share. They may also be willing to be interviewed or write a blog for you.

These quick tips will help you find the talent to deliver great content and make your attendees want to sign up year after year. You will become their go to source that brings value through the content they crave. Great job, meeting planners!

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