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Speaking of Speakers

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When you are choosing a speaker for your event, you are setting a tone, conveying a goal and sharing a timely message. And all of this is to be done in an entertaining, professional and inspiring manner. It is no small task. So before you hire your next speaker, here are a few items for you to consider.

1)     Clearly state your objectives so that nothing is left to translation. These objectives should be expressed in both the written and spoken word.

2)     Know who is being spoken to – who is your audience? Can you aptly describe the “culture” of the group or business that will be addressed?       This will go a long way in making the best choice. If need be, consider surveying your audience ahead of time to make sure you are in line with their expectations.

3)      Think about what category of speaker best fits your audience. Are you looking for a humorist, a motivational speaker, an industry leader, a celebrity?

4)      Use social media! Check in with other meeting planners via Facebook or Twitter and find out who they have hired. There is nothing better than a direct recommendation.

5)      Check out the following websites:

6)      Once you have narrowed down your choices, have them send you an outline of their program, as well as a video presentation of their work. Better yet, see if you can view one of their presentations live!

7)      Finally, go with your gut! Sometimes we forget how right on our own radars tend to be.


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