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Sponsorship Opportunities

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This blog is the third in a series I am presenting on sponsorship. I have shared information about how Sponsorships Start with Relationships and why you need to Think About Sponsorships Yesterday. Today we explore exciting sponsorship opportunities to offer in exchange for their participation.

Sure, their logo will be included on the website, newsletters, banners, brochures, t-shirts and more. But there are other valuable items that will peak their interest a bit more! Many of these ideas work for live event, virtual and/or hybrid events.

  • Attendee List: This alone is a very valuable asset. Providing a sponsor with contact information for the attendees allows them to market to them directly.
  • Exclusivity: Imagine creating an invite only happy hour or workshop that puts the sponsor in front of their exact target audience.
  • Surveys: Create a survey to send to your audience that provides valuable insight for a or several sponsors.
  • Food: Offset event costs with sponsorship of meals or coupon codes attendees can use for Uber Eats, Grub Hub or DoorDash.
  • Drink: Companies can sponsor a bar with adult beverages, a smoothie station, tea time or a coffee bar. Get creative, offer a beverage named after the sponsor.
  • Swag: Sponsors can include items or coupons in the goodie bag; or include digital assets in a virtual goodie bag. Make it easy by curating ideas that will really help them to stand out.
  • Breakout Sessions: Offer sponsors an opportunity to hold a breakout session or workshop during the conference.
  • Stage Presence: Perhaps their CEO or another company VP would find value in presenting from stage. Sweeten the deal by offering to include a speaker consultant to provide them assistance in crafting and practicing their talk.
  • Entertainment: Create a list of entertainment sponsorship options; stage entertainment, background music or walk around entertainment.
  • Throughout the Year: Allow sponsors to be highlighted throughout the year via blogs, newsletter, advertisements and more!
  • Décor: Allow for sponsorship of tabletop centerpieces, include a contest that one person at each table wins the centerpieces to take home. Incorporate their logo in the gala branding. Include their name on balloons, event signage, gobos, directional arrows, step and repeat backgrounds, selfie stations, etc.

Provide amazing value to your sponsors and they will be back year after year. YOUR event can help them to present their company and present it very well!

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