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Spring Clean Your Computer

in: Technology

As the weather warms we are ready to lighten up and let in the fresh air! We become energized to clean out closets, refresh the linens and scurry the collected dust bunnies out the door. But too often we overlook the clutter residing inside our computers.

Our humble, hardworking computers can hold an amazing amount of data. As a result we many times save stuff with a “just in case” mentality, then proceed to forget it ever existed. Clogging up the computer’s systems slows it down and makes it work harder than it needs to – spring is the perfect time to de-clutter data in order to organize and streamline your system.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Go through each individual folder and trash what you no longer need
  • Uninstall any old programs you do not use
  • Look over all your photos and only keep your favorites
  • Be fearless and release any old presentations, contracts, and documents from jobs of long ago
  • Organize, organize, organize – create folders and subfolders that are easy to find and label them appropriately

Now that you have exactly what you want, be sure it is protected. Hard drives are great for backing up data, but in the case of a fire, for example, would the hard drive survive the flames? Use a “cloud” type back up service like BackBlaze; for only $5 a month your data is backed up and stored at a highly secure remote location – all ready for you retrieve it if necessary.

Another great organizing idea is Dropbox. Rather than emailing files to yourself for on the road use, you can drop them in your Dropbox and retrieve them when needed. Also, Dropbox you can create folders and collaborate with people on a shared set of files. This is perfect for clients, colleagues, clubs, and more who need to access to the same sets of documents. There are free accounts available and paid accounts for those needing additional space. Another great services is Slideshare, which provides for a way to share presentations and professional videos.

Have any other great data organization and/or reduction ideas? Please share them with me below!

Jill Stone has been a HelmsBriscoe Associate for over 10 years and in the meeting planning industry for over 20 years. Her dedication, powerful negotiating skills and top rate service have earned her an impressive list of devoted clients. She consistently places at the top 5% in sales for HelmsBriscoe and consistently achieves President Club Status. To contact Jill; or 636-797-3405.

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