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It’s Spring – Lighten Up!

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Spring is here! The world blossoms and we all begin to feel lighter. Clearing out the old and making room for the new is a part of our lightening up; we spring-clean, not only do we clean our homes, but also our offices, computers and minds.

  • Start with a List: Lists are a great way to keep track of what needs to be done. There is also great joy in crossing items off as they are accomplished! Write down those tasks you have been putting off – filing this or that, streamlining a process, organizing your computer folders, etc. Write it all down. But there is no need to feel overwhelmed, it’s not like all must be tackled all at one time.
  • Divide and Conquer: If you have some staff members that can get in on this gig – enlist them. Give each person a bit to do and you will have all done in no time. Going it alone? Perhaps you could call in some part time assistance? Or you could divide the tasks up into small pieces and take on a bit each week until you’ve finished.
  • Enlist: Some of your processes like sending out, collecting, and organizing information about future meeting venues can be done by a rather helpful source – one that will save you time, money, headaches and heartaches.
  • Clear the Cobwebs: From your computer! Clean out all the old files no longer needed, purge your trashcan and download folder, keep the best pictures and toss the rest.
  • Time to Toss It: If you have paper files you’ve been holding on to, now is the time to look them over and toss what you no longer need. That event you did 10 years ago – Do you continue to refer to it? Does it hold vital information you still use? If not, toss it!
  • Weighing Heavy: There is something you learned about last year, or a new process you want to create. It’s weighs heavy on your mind since you have yet to get to it and you know you need to do so. Pick a time and day, a few weeks from now and literally schedule it into your calendar.
  • Stack It Down: Do you have a stack of cards you have been meaning to enter into a database? Do you have a stack of papers you need to go through? Do you have a stack of promises you have yet to fulfill? Take down all that has stacked up. Again, just a bit at a time. For example, that stack of cards, enter 5 per day until you’re done. If the stack is in the hundreds, type this into Google “Scan business cards into a spreadsheet” (you’re welcome J).
  • Rejuvenate: Spring is a time of rejuvenation! When you have accomplished your spring duties, give yourself a pat on the back in whatever form you most like – a massage, a glass of wine, a good movie, a day off – go for it!

For more ideas, check out this article from Forbes! Happy Spring, Meeting Planners!

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