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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother


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Who doesn’t love SPRINGTIME! Grass emerges from the ground, flowers color our landscape and the trees wake up; all beckoning us to come out of caves and seek some much needed sunshine.

I fancy myself as an ambassador of SPRINGTIME when it comes to your meeting planning! I can help you melt those cold as winter contracts and negotiations away! Here are some of my finer SPRINGTIME attributes:

Sassy: To do what I do and do it well, you have to be a bit sassy. This is especially effective when wearing a fabulous pair of platform heels (of which I have many colors and styles to choose from).

Persistent: I will work hard to get what you need. I won’t stop until we are both happy!

Reliable: I have been negotiating on behalf of my clients for 13 plus years. They have remained my clients because they truly know they can rely on me to always be at the top of my game.

Interesting: I was once told that interesting people make the best bloggers. Hence, I blog.

Never quits (see persistent): I believe in being creative and tenacious, quitting is simply not an option.

Gregarious: Honey Bee, I am fun! I am fun because I put a high value on fun!

Thankful: Crazy thankful for my clients and for those who have yet to discover that they actually are my clients.

Inventive: I will find new ways to get what you need, with integrity and upholding your good name.

Memorable: I do so very well for you, you cannot forget me!

Energetic: I love what I do and I love to talk about it. This gives me the energy I need to work on my client’s behalf, while also posting the best, most up-to-date, most intriguing meeting focused information to my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages. Oh yes, and my blog, we must not forget that!

Let me be give you a much-needed spring in your step! Call me, your SPRINGTIME Meeting Fairy Godmother and I can make everything better (not to mention help you to find your own pair of fabulous shoes). Dial 636-797-3405!


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