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Still Home

in: Fun Technology

Many of us are still home.

Still home.

We’ve traded in our office chic wear for sweatpants and t-shirts (my heels are really lonely these days). We Zoom in and out of meetings all day. We hang out in our homes to work by day and hang out in our homes to do Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling and chill, etc at night.

As we hang out in the house, I found some new things for you to do! I spent some time surfing the web to discovered new cool things for you to do and know. Enjoy!

  • Window-Swap: If your view is too same same ole, shake it up and swap out your window for a new view from somewhere else in the world. Right now, I am enjoying the view from a high-rise in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia.
  • Outer Space: Astronaut Bob Behnken hails from St. Ann, MO! On his Twitter account he shares many amazing views from outer space. No need to limit your view to only the earth bound.
  • Coffitivity: Miss your local café, sitting-with-a-latte, working on the laptop ways. This site provides background café sounds though you will have to make your own lattes, unless you live with a barista).
  • History: If you are history buff, you’re in for a real treat! Check out the many free (for now) history documentaries available at PBS SoCal.
  • Explore: Head on over to and choose from one of many live cams. You can watch a Kitten Rescue Sanctuary, Puppy Playroom, Underwater Manatees, Giant Flying Foxes, Jellyfish and more!
  • Color: These are not your average coloring books. Find coloring books from places like the University of Sussex, Massachusetts General Hospital Archives, Queen’s College Library and Cambridge University.
  • Choo Choo: Hop on a train ride and check out the view in Norway, Japan, Peru, England and more.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Puzzles are making a comeback, but you do not have to leave your house to buy one, you can do virtual puzzles anytime at the Jigsaw Explorer site.
  • Life hacks: This continues to be a great site, have you been lately? Go back and check it out, learn how to turn your tv into a digital art gallery or create amazing snacks with your air fryer. Head on over to Bored Panda for more great life hacking ideas, including how to make a face shield from a Krispy Kreme box – because, why not?!

Since I am still home and you are still home, please do share with me what cool things you have found to do – online, offline, inline wherever, I want to know!



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