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Suitcase Psychology

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Suitcase Psychology

I don’t need a crystal ball to see into your mind, all I need to do is take a look at and perhaps in your suitcase!  Okay, well, not all will be revealed – no worries, I won’t know all the baggage you’re carrying. But your packing style can reveal a bit about your oh-so-complicated psychology.

Roll With It:  These folks are set in their rolling ways.  They roll up socks, t-shirts, dresses, even blue jeans (which takes a bit of hand strength I imagine).  Rollers will tell you that tightly coiled clothing means more space and less wrinkles.  A check out of your checked baggage brings thoughts of brightly colored cloth burritos.  You, my friends, are dedicated.

Back It Up: The adventurous amongst us carry it all in their backpack; no wheels needed. These folks are in training, always, for their next mountain climb, nature hike or European adventure.  Since each item is to be carried, weight is of concern, so those backpacks are efficient, one outfit can be worn in many ways and each backpack pocket is filled with some an amazingly handy tool that has many dozens of uses. You, my friends, are efficient.

Compact Carrier: Like our backpacker friends, compact carriers use each bit of space in an efficient manner, but they also like the wheels as it allows them to move swiftly from car to airport to gate and back. These are the professional travelers that rack more air miles than footsteps.  Their keen eyesight is able to see the best overhead carrier spot as soon as they enter the cabin. You, my friends, are speedy.

Have Diva, Will Travel: Divas have a special place for every item.  These “places” are in the form of carefully chosen, designer, complementary colored sets of mini bags.  There is a bag for toiletries, a case for their special set of makeup brushes, and a perfectly fitted back for their hair dryer (leaving their perfectly coiffed hair to a hotel hair dryer is not an option!). There are silk bags for unmentionables, breathable bags for fine linen, and waterproof bags for swimwear.  In a divas world every thing has its place and that place is divinely fashionable.  You, my friends, are fabulous.

Last Minute Luggage: Leaving for the airport in 15 minutes and just now packing, this is the life of the Last Minute.  Organization is so passé, Last Minutes can stuff just as much in a bag as those that Roll With It or Back It Up, it’s just in a wadded up, mashed or squished way.  Pockets are pockets that can be filled with whatever is needed in whichever pocket available.  You, my friends, are fly (by the seat of your pants).

Just In Case: Every possible scenario has been carefully thought out and the Just in Case has many, (many, many, many) items they will need to bring just in case they spill coffee on a shirt, have to whip up a new outfit, find an ingrown hair, require emergency surgery or are mysteriously transported to a reality TV show taking place in a rainforest. The Just in Case has a case for every item they stuff into one of their numerous bags that will have to checked as they already have the optimal limit of carry-ons. Just in Casers sweat it out during the weighing of the bags and often find that they must mail back souvenirs acquired on the trip or face additional baggage fees.  You, my friends, are prepared.

So which one are you?  You need not choose one. I, for example, am a cross between a Have Diva, Will Travel and Just In Case. Tweet me your Suitcase Psychology @jstonemeetings so I can favorite you!

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Shelley Maher May 28, 2014, 10:42 am

I unfortunately am a Just In Case packer but I ultimately end up wearing about one fourth of the items that I bring. I tend to dress based on mood, so it is necessary to take many items in order to accommodate my moods! Ha. Ha. Two items that I must have and I panic if I forget them are my magnifying mirror for makeup application. I am not getting any younger and I need a magnifying mirror or I end up looking disheveled. I also must have my Origins Vita Zing Energy Boosting Moisturizer. This is an awesome product for travel days that you want to go natural due to your activities or lack of time. This gives me enough coverage that I don’t necessarily need to wear makeup. I put this on for days at the pool or hiking adventures. No, I don’t work for Origins. I just love the product! Love your blog!!