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Super Bowl LIV, the 54th Super Bowl is happening this coming Sunday, 2/2/2020!

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The National Football Conference champion San Francisco 49ers will face the American Football Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs. The event will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida with the national anthem being performed by Demi Lavato and a half-time show that’s sure to have us shaking our hips (that don’t lie) with J-Lo and Shakira.

As always, you can expect over the top commercials – which cost a mere $5.6 million per 30 seconds – and 98.2 million or so eyes watching the game. Then there is the food and drink, a highlight of any Super Bowl gathering. Here are some awesome and fun ideas for the busy meeting planner to make.

Wing It:

Ranking as the most popular of Super Bowl foods, making chicken wings will be a breeze and you can just keep them coming all day long – as long as you are lucky enough to own an air-fryer.

On the Ranch:

Ranch dressing seems to be served on everything these days – at restaurants, a side of Ranch dressing is almost as popular as ketchup. Hidden Valley Ranch offers up some yummy Ranch everything snacks that are sure to please a crowd.

Instant Replay:

Another hot cooking kitchen gadget is the Instant Pot. Here are some quick and easy recipes that will have your team cheering for their team – and you!

Keto Kickoff:

It’s a challenge to cater to all the various diets out there, but you can be sure to please many if you include keto-approved appetizers.

Game Time Gluten-Free:

As more and more people begin to go gluten-free, it’s a good idea to include some GF apps. It’s easier than ever these days as super markets now include specialty gluten-free sections in their line-ups.

Calorie Countdown:

If your New Years’ resolution included healthy eating and you are still doing so – congrats! These healthy recipes will not feel healthy, but they are.

Super Sippers:

Of course, there will beer, here are some other Super Bowl inspired cocktails to round out your bar.

In the case that you have abandoned cable television and have gone completely app-happy, check out fuboTV. From fuboTV you can stream the game live on smart TVs, Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV and more. Check it out now and try it for free.

If you want to keep on the latest Super Bowl news, keep an eye on CBS Sports.

Enjoy the game and may your team win!

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