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Super Bowled Over Ads

in: Fun

Jill with Peyton ManningThis Sunday, millions of Americans will gather to watch the Super Bowl.  Seahawk fans and Bronco fans alike will feast upon chicken wings and cheer their teams, one of them anyway, to victory.  Even though I am pictured here with my BFF (best football friend) Peyton Manning, I am not necessarily going to be paying as much attention to the game as I am to what happens in between the blocks, snaps and passes.  I will be all about the commercials!

I want to mention that I will not be watching any of these ads ahead of time.  Last year a number of companies posted their commercials to YouTube a week or so before the game. What?!  Deny me the element of surprise – no way! I am a Super Bowl commercial purist.

Rather than watch the commercials ahead of time, why not re-visit some favorites from Super Bowls of the past?  Check out these sites:

  • Here is a YouTube video showing one person’s take on the 25 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time.
  • If 25 are not enough for you, then check out The Bleacher Report’s The 50 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever.
  • My personal favorite from last year is this commercial featuring the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, and yes I totally tear up during this one.
  • I found the Oreo Cookie library commercial quite hilarious!
  • Not all the commercials score a touchdown.  ABC News shares their take on the worst commercials of last year. I want to warn you that your brain forgot these for a reason, why take up precious brain space with these stinkers – so if you do watch them, feel free to promptly forget them once again.

If you want to join in with the rest of the world to see who is saying what about the game and commercials on social media, the hashtags for this year are #superbowlxlvIII, or #superbowl48 and the ever popular plain ole #superbowl.

Bruno Mars will have his fans swooning at halftime.    Just for fun, check out this nod from a Pepsi half-time show from 1970, featuring the ever-enchanting Carol Channing.

Okay, let’s hear it, what’s your favorite ever Super Bowl commercial? Comment below or come over to Facebook and let me know!

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