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Super Quick Holiday Goodies

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holiday goodies

Hello my ever-busy meeting planner friends! I am not a fan of harried holiday goings-on; the simpler the better as far as I am concerned. That being said, there are times when we are caught off-guard and need to whip up some holiday goodies ASAP. Have some of these items on hand and be ready in minutes for those surprise guests, last minute hostess gifts or office gatherings!

White Almond Bark is easy to melt and is yummy on just about anything. Make some microwave popcorn, toss with melted white almond bark, spread it out on a cookie sheet to set (place the tray in the fridge for quicker setting). You can get fancy if you wish and add in peanuts, pecans, Chex cereal or small pretzels.

Ready to bake Cinnamon Rolls can bake up quite the Christmas treat. Separate the rolls and place into a triangle Christmas tree formation on a baking sheet. Save one roll to use at the bottom as the base; you can unroll it if you wish to form a more rectangular shaped base. Bake according to directions. Frost with the included icing, then decorate with green sprinkles. Get creative with silver dragees or star-shaped sprinkles!

Small Pretzels can be used to whip up some ultra-fast Christmas treats. Here are some easy ideas:

* On a cookie sheet, make rows of small pretzels, top each with a unwrapped Hershey’s kiss, bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 2 minutes, top each with a mint flavored M&M (the holiday versions are out right now and have pictures of bells and Christmas trees on them). Let them cool, eat, enjoy.

* Make your rows of small pretzels, but top each with a Rolo instead. Same deal as before, bake at 350 degrees for about 2 minutes. Top each with a whole pecan and you have made yummy turtle treats.

Coffee or Loose Tea is always good thing to have on hand to warm up your holiday visitors. You can make it even more special by adding a few additional ingredients in with the coffee grinds or loose tea leaves. Add some holiday cheer by mixing in cinnamon, dried orange peel and a piece of star anise. Rather than serving with cream, try eggnog instead.

These easy to find ingredients, combined in yummy ways, can help you sail through the holidays with a celebrated spirit. Have any other ideas? Please share them with us!

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