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Jill Stone

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Happy Fly Year

The Flight Forecast is out via The Wall Street Journal (12/27/12) and here is what travelers can expect for the coming year. Trusted Traveler: The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, is looking to expand its list of “trusted travelers.” A background check and finger print can land you in the lane where all clothing stays on[...]

Airplane Armrest Etiquette

First, let’s just put it out there – there is an innate flaw in the airplane armrest system; three seats and two armrests, it just doesn’t add up. When I sit down in a restaurant I am well aware that the glass to my right is my glass and the fork to my left is[...]

Eating and Traveling

One of the delights of travel are visiting new restaurants and trying out new foods; it is a huge part of the whole travel experience. The time we spend traveling to and from our destination, however, rarely provides us with a memorable meal.  But it can be done, you just need to be at the[...]

The Land of Lost Luggage

I love to travel. Well, I don’t know if I love the travel portion as much as I love arriving to and from my destination safely and WITH my luggage! According to the airlines they only “mishandle” .5% of the luggage;  “mishandled” meaning it is damaged, missing items, or does not arrive at the same[...]

Superstitions in Industry

How do superstitions affect your industry? In the hotel industry it is well known, for example, that most hotels in the United States do not have a 13th floor. This is due to the superstition around the number 13, otherwise known as triskaidekaphobia.  In Nathaniel Lachenmeyer’s book, 13: The Story of the World’s Most Notorious[...]

Get some Zzzs on the Road

Anyone who travels to conferences and meetings will tell you that getting a good night’s sleep is not always easy. We are creatures of habit and comfort; we like our own beds, sheets and blankets, not to mention our before bed rituals. Here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep while on the[...]

Are Airplanes Flying Germ Factories?

I do not want to come off as a germaphobe, but as a person who travels often I have learned a few things along the way – and not all of them are pretty. The fact is that airplanes are not exactly the cleanest places to hang out, but with just a bit of a[...]