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Jill Stone

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Please Don’t Turn Off Your Electronic Devices

Wi-Fi when you fly is totally fly now. I learned of this awesome new rule during my recent flight to Cartagena, Columbia. While flying I was allowed to keep my Kindle running. How nice it was to continue reading my book. Apparently, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that it is all fine and[...]

Happy Fly Year

The Flight Forecast is out via The Wall Street Journal (12/27/12) and here is what travelers can expect for the coming year. Trusted Traveler: The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, is looking to expand its list of “trusted travelers.” A background check and finger print can land you in the lane where all clothing stays on[...]

Business Travel Minus the Hassle

Hear ye, hear ye! Seasoned or newbie business travelers alike! Here are some hints and tips for achieving a trek with less hassle: Know the charges: Each airline has put forth its own twist on fees for luggage, meals, extra legroom and the like. Check out this page to find out how much you may[...]

Airplane Armrest Etiquette

First, let’s just put it out there – there is an innate flaw in the airplane armrest system; three seats and two armrests, it just doesn’t add up. When I sit down in a restaurant I am well aware that the glass to my right is my glass and the fork to my left is[...]

Snakes on a Plane

You have to love over-the-top Hollywood blockbusters! Flying at 30,000 feet in the air is truly not an ideal time to be faced with a load of poisonous snakes. Of course, I really cannot think of any scenario where poisonous snakes would be welcome in my world. The zoo, maybe. Behind very strong glass, definitely.[...]

Awesome Travel Accessories

The savvy traveler undoubtedly carries a few choice items with them whenever they travel. When we hit the skies, we have a high necessity to bring along items that make us comfy and create an ease in travel. Here are some cool travel gadgets that make your on the go better: SteriPEN “harnesses the brilliant[...]

Easier Travel Planning

You deserve a break Meeting Planner! Nowadays, we have the world at our fingertips; we can sit down at our computers to find flights, hotels, where to eat and what to do. All in all, it’s pretty wonderful. There are tons of sites to go to, tons of information and all can be done right[...]

Eating and Traveling

One of the delights of travel are visiting new restaurants and trying out new foods; it is a huge part of the whole travel experience. The time we spend traveling to and from our destination, however, rarely provides us with a memorable meal.  But it can be done, you just need to be at the[...]