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Jill Stone

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Pin Up Events

Have you ever thought of creating pin boards around your events? There are endless possibilities and it is really worth your consideration! Here are some great ideas for you! Create boards with pictures from the event (post them throughout the day and during the event). Make sure to encourage others to participate, all you need[...]

No Oops For You

When it comes to meeting planning, there are way too many places where mistakes can be made. With the myriad of details involved, mistakes are bound to happen at times. Even though, and this is fact, meeting planners are closer to super heroes than human. Let’s look at some common mistakes, place them in that[...]

One on One with My Client, Dewayne! Part 1

This article is in a HelmsBriscoe newsletter and I wanted to make sure to share it with all of you! It allows you some insight as to how I work with my clients, all of which I adore. I divided into two parts as it is a longer than usual read, at least when it[...]

Event Branding

You hear a lot about “branding” now-a-days. It is an important part of any company’s presence in the market place. The brand is an idea or image that brings people to a place of knowing; they know what the brand stands for, what service or product it provides, it’s overall message, and the emotion/feeling/statement behind[...]

Conventions are a Serious Business

Although those that are not in the hospitality industry think that all meetings and conventions are just an excuse to party, a la Fred Flintstones’ Water Buffalos Convention (Grand Poobah included), those of us “in the know” know that meetings and conventions are serious business. It is a place where people commune to exchange information[...]

Hunger Games

Creating a well-rounded menu for your meeting can mean the difference between attendees that are lively and energized or attendees that more closely resemble a hoard of walking dead zombies (eeek!). Welcome to the Hunger Games ala Meeting Planning. Here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind for your next event. These menu hints[...]

Ode to the Meeting Professional

I received this wonderful nod to the meeting professional and wanted to share it with you: She’s first one in and last to leave, her mark is everywhere. But like a watchful angel, we seldom know she’s there. Attendees join the breakfast line, and fill their cups with brew… while scarfing down the rolls and[...]

Meeting Planner or Miracle Worker?

Maybe it is our can-do attitude, our difficulty in saying “no,” or our undeniable confidence in what we do, but meeting planners are often times viewed as modern-day miracle workers. And though the honor is quite appreciated, at times it can make us feel a bit wiggy, causing us to want to ask, “Are you[...]

Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt

The uses of QR Codes are staggering! You can create QR Codes that will point to a website, carry your contact information (like a digital business card), go to a video, even contain a quote or secret message. With this in mind, here is a fun idea for your next meeting. You can create a[...]

The Meeting Planner Technology Report

I have written about the important technologies available to today’s meeting planner. It is astounding the amount of information that can be found right at our fingertips. Here is a nice checklist for you on what you need to be aware of, working on and considering.  Social Media. Are you on it and active? If[...]