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Jill Stone

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Aaaargh, Get Ye Off My Room Block!

There be pirates about, Meeting Planners. And I am not talking about the eye patch wearing, rum drinking types. These pirates are not out for your ship, but for your rooms. With growing frequency, conference organizers are seeing false companies, posing as housing bureaus or hotel representatives, and offering discount room rates to attendees. This[...]

Fall Trends for Meeting Planners

As you know, we Meeting Planners have to keep up with the trends in order to keep up our events. Our guests expect awesome-experiences-to-be-had. So with this in mind, here are some cool trends to add some fall color to your events! Oolala Candy: Think champagne flavored gummie bears and marshmallows topped with 24K gold.[...]

Conference Truths

Conference Truths

I came across this quite funny list from Buzzfeed the other day; 33 Things Every Conference Attendee Knows To Be True.  If you notice, actual attendees of the Northeast Festival & Conference compiled the list. While some of these items are beyond a meeting planner’s control, some could actual get a little bit closer to[...]