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Meeting Planner Profile: Mikel Robinson

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Happy New Year contest. The winner is Mikel Robinson! Mikel plans meeting for a few associations, most notably the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), whose members include “experts in all aspects of Wildland fire management.” The organization offers a “neutral forum for the consideration of important,[...]

Must Have Technologies for Meeting Planners (and the next must have step to take)

There are many technologies that will make your meeting planning life so much easier. If you are not up on these technologies, then here is a soft nudge to get you moving in the right direction.  Don’t get left behind! Smartphones: If you are not packing a smartphone in your tote, then what are you[...]

Can You Hear Me?

Better yet, is anyone even listening? I came across a blog the other day where the author was discussing his reason for blogging; he blogs because he wants to be heard. He asks for comments because he assumes that his readers, too, wish to be heard. This all seems so timely to me. At this[...]

Awesome Travel Accessories

The savvy traveler undoubtedly carries a few choice items with them whenever they travel. When we hit the skies, we have a high necessity to bring along items that make us comfy and create an ease in travel. Here are some cool travel gadgets that make your on the go better: SteriPEN “harnesses the brilliant[...]

Easier Travel Planning

You deserve a break Meeting Planner! Nowadays, we have the world at our fingertips; we can sit down at our computers to find flights, hotels, where to eat and what to do. All in all, it’s pretty wonderful. There are tons of sites to go to, tons of information and all can be done right[...]

A Look Back

I have been writing blogs for over a year now. As we head into this New Year, I decided to first take a  look at where we’ve been and travel back to some of my favorite blogs. Please journey with me!  Then don’t forget to comment below; each comment gets entered into a contest for[...]

Happy New Year Contest!

Happy New Year to all you wonderful meeting planners out there. So, did you spend all your Santa Money and Gift Certificates? Well, here is your chance to win a little bit more spending fun and it is soooo easy. I have been hinting around about an upcoming contest and here we are. I will[...]