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Jill Stone

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Go for the Green!

“Green Meetings” continues to buzz about in the trends – which is a very good thing! Some cities are greener than others. So why not plan your next meeting where green efforts abound and support these cities’ efforts? In San Francisco the city streets are lined with blue bins for recyclables, green for compostables and[...]

The Business of Business Cards

We all have them, we order boxes of them at a time, we hand them out to anyone who will take one; and, more than likely, we have stacks of other’s business cards in our “I will get to these someday” pile. With this in mind, we are going to look at some options and[...]

From Farm to Table, From Roof to Restaurant

We continue to trend toward going local and knowing the source of our food. Many of my clients are in the agricultural business, and I was recently educated on food that goes straight from the farm and onto the table. Farm to table limits the negative impact on the environment and lessens the eco-footprint. Rather[...]