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Jill Stone

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The Inauguration Got Me Thinking . . .


An event such as an inauguration, especially one so controversial as the most recent one, got me thinking about what it must be like for those that plan this type of event. Though most of us will not be planning anything controversial or as fraught with security concerns, there are some lessons for us planners[...]

The Planner’s Plan Starts Here

Your Plan Starts Here

Before you plan your next conference or meeting, you may start with giving me a call. The service I provide to planners is provides a quantum leap into the entire planning process! Start planning your overall marketing strategy by calling me first. I will begin the process of finding that perfect venue, with all the[...]

Come Rain or Shine . . . Events in the Outdoors

outdoor events

If Mother Nature were a meeting manager, she would make sure to save rainy, snowy and other uncooperative weather for non-event days. There are definitely some unique challenges to planning outdoor events. Here are some tips for making your outdoor events shine, no matter what the weather brings. Permit Me To: Do your homework to[...]

These Ideas are on Fire!


As we move into October, we think autumn leaves, warm drinks and bonfires. With that in mind let’s give you some ideas that will set your next meeting ablaze, figuratively speaking of course. Here are some of my current favorite ideas! Dietary concerns are always a part of any event. If someone is allergic to[...]

Setting the Stage for Learning

Setting the Stage for Learning

Attendees to annual meetings, sales meetings, conventions and such are there to connect and LEARN.  These events offer a reprise from the everyday and allow colleagues to stay up-to-date, find out what’s new and expand their skill sets. I don’t have to tell you meeting planners out there, that each detail in event planning is[...]

Spring Is Here!

Spring is here! After this winter I am beyond excited about this fact.  I am tired of snow, I am tired of cold and, quite frankly, I am a bit tired of my winter wardrobe. About this time last year I did a tribute to spring and shared with you how I, a self-proclaimed ambassador[...]

Video Fills In the In-Betweens!

Keep your attendees awake by breaking things up a bit.  One way to do this is to through video; and there are so many interesting and engaging videos to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to not find something that is perfect for your group! There are several video sites out there, with YouTube topping[...]

Zombified Meetings

Zombies are all the rage in movies and television shows; they are kitschy and weird, and quite terrifying (former friends and family wanting to eat you – eeeek!). It’s all well and good for fun and frightening entertainment, but the last thing you want are a horde of zombified attendees at your meeting.  How do[...]

Main Meeting Ingredient: A Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff

One of the greatest challenges of any event is coordinating all the moving parts, or rather moving people, which help make an event happen and happen well.  Whether you have a trove of volunteers or a ready group of event staffers, there are certain pieces of information that everyone should know.  This will help your[...]

Clone Yourself with One Phone Call

Recently, Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert, asked me to be on her radio show “Ignite Your Performance.”  It was so much fun to be interviewed and have the opportunity to talk about what I do. Thank you so very much to Cathy for making it easy, she is a great interviewer and I so very[...]