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Error Free Events Part 1

Error Free Events

Those who attend, but do not plan events, are rarely aware of the millions of details that must come together in order to make them happen. It is a real test in sanity to successfully put an event into motion and not get lost in the planning. Even the best of us can at times,[...]

Mobile Apps for Events

Mobile Apps

At this point we have all become quite app savvy. Apps have replaced so many things in our lives, we pretty much rely on them for everything from our weather, to flashlights, to grocery lists and more. Mobile apps have also replaced many of the items we used to have to print up for events.[...]

Live-Streaming Got You Live-Screaming?


Periscope provides a way for people to live-stream events. Will it change events forever? I think it most certainly will! What used to be quite the process; scheduling a camera crew and setting up lighting and sound, has turned into an easy mobile application. And not just from your end, but from the attendees’ end[...]

Your Favorite Food List

Favorite Food

Your list of favorite foods is bound to change year in and year out as new food trends come forth to tempt our taste buds. And these new food trends often have a place in your meeting planning; food is an important factor in keeping attendees happy, fortified and engaged. Let’s check out some food[...]

Sanity Savers are In

saving time

We talk a lot about saving time and money, and though quite important, saving our sanity also ranks rather high. Meeting Managers have the capacity to store amazing amounts of information, details, schedules, data and more – there are computers out there that are envious of your abilities, I assure you of this. That said,[...]

All the Other Events

As a meeting planner, can you enjoy the events of others? You don’t want to be hypercritical, but at the same time you cannot help but think, “What were they thinking?” And though they probably should have asked for your advice, you are also sort of happy that they did not ask for your advice.[...]

Aaaargh, Get Ye Off My Room Block!

There be pirates about, Meeting Planners. And I am not talking about the eye patch wearing, rum drinking types. These pirates are not out for your ship, but for your rooms. With growing frequency, conference organizers are seeing false companies, posing as housing bureaus or hotel representatives, and offering discount room rates to attendees. This[...]

Back-To-Meetings Supplies

Back To Meeting

Back-To-School shopping has commenced with tax-free weekends, teachers supply lists and notebooks donning Minecraft and One Direction decor.  With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you some Back-To-Meetings Supplies that will definitely bring your meetings up a notch. For you techy types, check out these programmable electronic nametags. If you’re all about the[...]

How to Lose an Audience in 10 Ways

How to Lose an Audience

I was recently at a conference, Destination Northeast, and listened to a presentation given by Shawna Suckow of SPIN Senior Planners Industry Network.  She talked about ways in which you could lose your audience, and I wanted to share some of her thoughts with you below.  Then, of course, I had to throw my own “spin”[...]

Out and In

Out and In

Recently I wrote a blog about how the word Outsourcing should be out, but the word Insupporting should be the new in buzzword; as it very much, and more aptly, describes what I do for my clients. And, yes, I totally made the word up, so if anyone has a connection with the Webster’s Dictionary[...]