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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

Time for the Large Popcorn Combo

We are into our summer months . . . and many of us are looking to get out of the heat. As much as we love spending time outdoors, sometimes it is simply not comfy and we need to be where there is A/C, popcorn, overly large sodas and MOVIES! That’s right, summer movie blockbusters[...]

The Couch Potatoes Loungeth

Fall TV

Fall TV is fast approaching! I am in my new house and have set up my television area for perfect prime time viewing of all the new and favorite shows coming my way. For my last year’s fall TV lineup, check out my 2014 blog. Some of these shows remain favorites. I am excited for[...]

You Deserve a Tax Break

Tax Break

Today is Tax Day and if you have successfully accomplished your annual tax filings and duties, you very much need a “tax break”! Please allow me to help you out a bit with some interesting, fun and I-bet-you-didn’t-know-you-could-do-this-on-the-internet excitement. Do you need a bogus job description? Well, why the heck not? It’s entertaining and the[...]

March On


There is a ton to look forward as we march forth through the month of March! NCAA Basketball Fans – get your Lazy-Boys and sofas poised in the perfect television viewing spot, it’s time for March Madness. Not expecting a lot of home time? No problem, you’ll be able to stay mad for March b-ball[...]

If Cupid Were a Meeting Manager

If Cupid were a meeting manager, the lives of lovers would be so very flawless. There would be no haphazard shooting of love arrows into just any ole pair. Instead the love arrows would hit at just the right time, be well planned, happen almost without notice and the two would be perfectly suited from[...]

Happy New Year Meeting Planners!

Here we are in 2015. Back from our holiday goings on, back from eating rich and amazing meals, back and fresh and ready to make our mark on 2015. Last year I shared with you my revision to New Year’s Resolutions. I like resolutions that I will actually stick to. If I made one of[...]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Love the lyrics (below)? Check out the new holiday classic: “Do You Hear” Video!   Said the VP to the meeting planner, Do you plan what I need? I need to have an awesome meeting planned. Do you plan what I need? Why yes, I do, lucky, lucky you! I will plan that meeting and[...]

No More Saving Daylight

On November 2, while you are tucked away in your nice cozy bed, the time will magically fall back one hour; 2am will become 1am once again. Yes, Daylight Savings Time ends and clocks around the nation will fall back one full hour. Though this yearly event has a tendency to mess with our schedules,[...]

Haunted Hotel Rooms

In Halloweens past I have talked about haunted hotels – eeeeek! This year we are going to take a trip and go inside to get a peek into the most haunted within the haunted. If you dare, make sure to ask for the keys to these rooms when you check in (Bwahahaha!). We’ll begin our[...]

Fall TV

Fall is on its way, and tagging right along is the much anticipated fall TV schedule, at least this is the case for us Certified Couch Potatoes. I find myself asking this question, “Which shows are worthy of my precious couch time and DVR space?” Like everyone involved in meeting planning, I am one busy[...]