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Hacky Pack


Where there is vacation there is travel, and where there is travel there is packing – and when it comes to packing I am a pro! I love learning about new and awesome hacks for packing. In my many recent travels about the internet, I’ve discovered some new packing hacks to share with you. Hair[...]

Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Sometimes you don’t need stuff, you just need a little bit more know how.  Here are some travel hacks you can use in a pinch, and using items that you more than likely have at hand. Stuck Zipper Hack:  Zippers are awesome until they quit working. Your suitcase is packed, you go to zip it[...]

The Streamlined Meeting Planner

Streamlined Meeting Planner

You do the job of three people; this is a meeting planner trait that cannot be denied. As a result, you are always looking for a way to streamline. Here are some things that will get you there! Networking: You are great at setting prime networking opportunities for your attendees, but are you spending time[...]